Checklist for Haiti Mission Work

Please send the following information to Global Partners by the following dates:

  • Feb 20, 2017
    • Pastors Recommendation Form
    • Begin Passport Process -
    • Fill out “Airline Ticket Information” at including (if applicable) your Frequent Flyer Number (make sure full name is EXACTLY how it appears on passport)

Financial Information: Total Trip Costs: $1,700 (not including passport & shots)

  • $250    Due to GPPD on Feb 20 (Non-Refundable Deposit)
  • $600    Due to GPPD on Mar 22 (for purchase of airline tickets)
  • $450    Due to GPPD on April 22
  • $400    Due to GPPD on May 22

Please make all checks payable to “Global Partners in Peace and Development” or “GPPD”. If you are raising support through donors, please have them go to the trip page on our website ( Right below "Donate to a Trip Participant" they can click "Haiti Trip Participant" and make their donation. Please ask them to type your name in the comment box so that the funds can be put in your account.

Contact Information

Scan and Email Documents to:

Or Mail Documents to:


PO BOX 117

Blue Ridge, VA 24064


P.O. Box 117, Blue Ridge, VA 24064 | 540-765-4300