Every month, tens of thousands of refugees flee over their home borders into the safe-haven country of Jordan. Running from poverty, war, violence, and persecution - only to be met by another hardship of searching for work, refugee camps, and missing loved ones. Those with money may rent an apartment in the towns, but most make home - a tent in a refugee city.  
Many leave their home with sometimes only the clothes on their back. So when winter comes they are unprepared for the cold temperatures. Their tent homes provide little shelter in the frigid, night air.
About half of the refugee population are children and teenagers. The children crowd into large classes in a refugee tent (a makeshift classroom) with the hope to learn something new that day. Everyday the young ones deal with the pain and nightmares from the traumatic experiences they had in their home countries. With a push for education amongst the refugees, it helps give them hope of moving on.
Despite the war torn countries they have fled from, the refugees miss their homes and long for the day they may return to their family and communities.
Be a part of Capturing Hearts through Compassionate Help & Aid to the Refugees of Jordan!
While partnering with our Associates and Nationals, you will have the opportunity to visit refugee families in their homes, as well as assist them with food and other basic necessities. 
We will spend time encouraging our partners on the ground, as well as other staff and workers there. We will participate in church services as well as multiple women's, men's, youth girls and youth boys events. As our team begins to form, we will utilize your gifts and abilities to finalize our specific details. 
Jordan is to many real life Bible locations. Want to deepen your understanding and meaning of the Bible? We will visit a few Biblical sites during our time in Jordan. 


We will most likely stay in guest houses and travel to and from locations by van or taxi. Safety is one of our top priorities. We will never put you in a known, dangerous situation. Our workers on the ground know and understand the country and culture very well. They will always have your best interest in mind. Translators will be available when needed.


Next Step: If you, your family, or group are interested in joining us in Jordan, please fill out a GPartners Trip Application or contact us for more information.



March 15-24, 2018



  • Price may change due to airfare.
  • Trip cost includes transportation, lodging, food and ministry
  • Other possible expenses may be: Passport, Vaccines, Visas, Entrance/Exit Fees into Jordan, Food Expenses while Flying, Souvenirs

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