Alluvada Village Water Well

In Memory of Mr. Harold Harris - Charlotte Court House, VA

  • Population: 1,660 people    
  • Rate of Literacy: 50%
  • They always have a dry climate and in the summer it is very hot with temperatures reaching well over 100 degrees each day
  • We estimate this well will be used by 525 people per day (200 families)
  • Other needs of the village: Road & additional water sources
  • Location of well: Near our Peddathumbali Children's Home next to house of Hindu family
  • Responsible for Maintenance and upkeep: Pastor Kuchela Rao
  • They were dealing with Typhoid, Malaria, Jaundice & Dengue Fever
  • Previously were getting water out of an open well, would have to boil before using

GPS: 18.83177, 83.55358

Mandal: Jiyamma Valasa
District: Vizianagaram
State: Andhra Pradesh
Date of Dedication: September 11, 2018 @ 4:40PM