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RUNNING WATER FOR THE LIVING WATER began in 2016. 15 runners were touched by the water crisis in rural India. Propelled by God's love, they ran in the Harrisburg Marathon to raise money for fresh water wells.

Over the past 6 years, our team has raised over $440,000, bringing clean water to thousands in both India & Uganda. 



Click a box to see race specific details such as sign up links, race day schedules and more.


Create your own Flipcause fundraiser where supporters can give directly to the cause, and you can easily track goal progress.

We challenge you to set a goal such as $500, $100 per mile, or going BIG to fund a well for $2500*. You can use a team name if you plan to raise funds as a group.

*Average cost per well is $2500 to $2600. We encourage marathon teams to raise $100 per mile. 

Fundraising Ideas

There are endless ways to raise support for a good cause, but we have a few ideas to get you started.

  • Use your Skills: Do you have a skill set you could leverage to bring hope? Lawn care or yard work, music lessons, hair or makeup services, childcare and handmade products can all be offered for donations.
  • Sponsorship: Do you know a business or resturaunt owner who may be interested in supporting your cause with a sponsorship package? See more details in the Sponsorship section of this page.
  • Giving Up to Give Back: Is there something you could give up for a few weeks (Coffee run, ordering takeout, a subscription service, etc) to contribute to your cause?
  • Special Occasions: On your birthday, anniversary, or Christmas, ask family and friends for donations instead of gifts
  • Friendly Competition: Start an office, family or Vacation Bible School penny war to see which team can gather the most change.
  • Dare for a Cause: Adventurous types may enjoy a "Dare" style campaign, such as promising to shave your beard, get a pie in the face or record yourself lip-syncing a song if supporters help you reach your donation goal.

Printable Fundraising Letters and Materials


Joining the movement is simple: choose a race and start raising funds. But race day isn't the end- you get to see the impact your team makes in India or Uganda!

  • Wells are typically dedicated 2-3 months after the race. If you raise enough for a whole well ($2500), we'll send you (or your team) a personalized video* of the dedication, plus pictures, GPS coordinates and various details from the village your well was installed in.
  • We work with partners on the ground in India (and more recently, Uganda), to find villages and areas most in need of a clean water source.
  • See the video at the top of the page for an example of one of our well dedication celebrations.

*If you raise funds for a partial well, you will still receive village details and a video, but the video will also thank the other runners whose funds were pooled together with yours.


Personal or corporate sponsors can designate funds to a specific runner/team or the group goal.  95% of your donation will go directly to well installation!

Sponsors can choose to be featured on the back of the team t shirt or remain anonymous. Feel free to reach out to mriggins@gpartners.org with any questions.


Sponsorship Levels - - - Diamond - - - Gold - - - Silver - - - Bronze

Businesses and individuals who financially support our efforts at any level will receive pictures and GPS coordinates of the well contributed to. Donating the following amounts designates you as a sponsor, whether you give to a specific runner or to the overall campaign goal. 


Previous + Business or individual’s name will appear on t shirt worn by group members on race day (Unless you prefer to remain anonymous)


Previous + Name OR logo on t shirt

GOLD $1000

Previous +  a framed picture of well dedication ceremony


Previous + 2 complimentary race shirts, AND Sponsor/business name to appear on a banner at the well site. You will also receive a shareable link to a personalized video of YOUR well being dedicated with special thanks to you or your business name. The banner will be presented to sponsor as a gift after returning to the US. 

Mail In Sponsorship Form

If you would rather sign up as a sponsor via mail, click here to download the Business Sponsor sign up form. (Click document title to download).