The needs in Uganda are great. We have the privilege of partnering with many Ugandans to help them bring hope to their country. The aid, projects, and community development we are doing will have an eternal affect in hundreds of thousands of lives. 


In a poor rural village we are building a community center that will serve thousands. Right now the people in the area have to walk over a mile to the closest well for drinking water and there is no medical aid for the community or a secondary school for nearby children to attend.

Because of a young pastor’s compassion for this village, in September 2008 we purchased  just over 2 acres of land. We have built a community church that will be used as a training center and a small house for the pastor’s family. 


Recently we have partnered with schools, parents and orphanages to meet the needs of many children with special needs. In 2011, we brought a team of experts from the Blue Ridge Autism and Achievement Center to evaluate children in order to train the families and caretakers on how to best care for and educate them. 

The team made an impact that will last a lifetime. We are working now to seek ways to build a long-term partnership with those in Uganda who work with children that have special needs. 


Our Associates our constantly showing love to people by passing out thousands of food  gifts throughout the year as well as giving gifts to hundreds of neighborhood children. 


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