20 Years of HELP & HOPE: Trip Experiences

By GPPD Team | April 28 2023  |  Return to Blog   

As we prepare to celebrate 20 years as an organization on May 3, we asked our past trip members to share their most personally moving moments with us. We have been so overwhelmed with joy to hear how God has shaped the hearts of so many as they answered the call to GO. 

Kristie R. (Jordan)

In the Spring of 2022, I was on the mission team sent to Jordan. Prior to going, my only knowledge of the Syrian and Iraqi refugee situation was from what little coverage I saw on the news. Growing up in SW Virginia offered me little experience with people who I saw as “other.” What I experienced changed not only my outlook on the world but more importantly, my place within it. Every morning and throughout each day, I prayed for the Holy Spirit to work in me – to give me His heart and to see those I came to help through Jesus’ eyes and not my own. His answer was not what I expected. On the way home, as I was looking at pictures of a potluck luncheon the Syrian women provided us, I noticed something that took my breath away. Amid all of the faces looking at the food or at each other in conversation, there was one woman who was looking at ME – not as an American Christian or someone who was “other,” but she was looking at me through eyes of love. I knew this was His answer to my prayer. It was Matthew 25:40 writ large “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these, brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ In God’s eyes, there is no “other,” for we are all loved and made in His image. He brought me out of my comfort zone, not just to be His hands and feet, but to have His heart as well.

Nancy Z. (South Asia)

We were running late. A quick stop at the hotel to freshen up took our arrival time from the expected 7:30pm  to 9:30pm (if I remember correctly).  It was our first big meeting after arriving in South Asia and I had no idea what to expect.  As the team came near the building we saw people everywhere outside.  But when we walked in the door it was like a parting of the Red Sea to allow us to walk to the front.  As soon as the last person made their way past the crowd, the aisle closed back up again.  They were all sitting on the concrete floor waiting for us to arrive, to hear a Word from God.  Who knows how long they were waiting before the expected time of 7:30. I come from a culture that complains because they have too many things to do on Sunday to spend an hour in church or if the Pastor should run 5 minutes over. These people were so hungry to hear what God would say to them from these men from America that they waited for hours.  That moment changed my life and is one I will never forget.



Sophia S. (Jordan)

This time last year when I went to Jordan was one of the greatest moments of my life! I will never forget going to peoples houses hearing their stories and what they went through to be in Jordan. Most of them were refugees from Iraq and Syria..they invited us into their homes and gave us tea and food. Most dishes were Jordanian but one family had made us a pizza! Jordan was an amazing experience. God really put it on my heart to go on that trip and I am so grateful and I hope to come back some day!

Lane H. (Haiti)
I’ve participated on so many short term trips with GPPD that I can hardly recount them all (approximately 20).  I can give eye witness account to the awesome display of God’s power, provision, and protection as I participated on those GPPD trips.  
I’ve seen thousands rescued from the kingdom of darkness to The King and His Kingdom of light, in: India, Haiti, Jordan, Guatemala, and  Africa.  I’ve had the privilege of sharing the Gospel of Jesus in settings you can only dream of among many considered “unreached”.

But somehow, without minimizing the importance and significance of the aforementioned and wanting to give God ALL the Glory He’s deserving of, my fondest GPPD trip memory is……..a dad, being reunited with his daughter, for the first time after she went “ALL IN” with her Heavenly Father, and a group of kids now known as: The Rev’ Family!
THANK YOU, GPPD, for standing with and supporting Amber as she stepped out in faith to DREAM BIG!

Quelia M. (South Asia)
What a joy it was to be in the Lord's will during our South Asia trip last February. For months prior to our departure intentional prayers were lifted for His glory to be revealed to us. He chose to answer those petitions in a most edifying way, granting our team spiritual unity, preparing hearts to receive the gospel, and for His presence to be amongst us (Malachi 1:11). 
A very personal moment for me was the water well dedication when I was asked to pray over it, and to pump the water. Joy from the Holy Spirit overwhelmed me and I was pumping and jumping with such gratitude for His goodness and mercy! 
Another answered prayer was for salvation among the children in the homes we visited. Many boys and girls who heard the invitation, did respond to the invitation to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior, and to become part of His glorious Kingdom. 
Words cannot describe my gratitude in witnessing His Presence within our team as well as amongst the people we ministered to during our trip. What a privilege to be called a servant of Our King. May He be glorified in all GPPD does in His Name. May He continue to bless this ministry and all who proclaim His Gospel to the ends of the earth.

Barb R. (Jordan)
Before I went to Jordan for the first time with Global Partners in 2022, Jordan was an enigma – a puzzle to me. Would I be able to show God's love to the refugees I met? Would I be able to adapt to Middle Eastern culture and customs? Was the weather going to be really cold or really hot?

Going to Jordan in 2022 and then again this year, 2023, has been such a blessing to me for several reasons. First of all, I learned to REALLY listen show love to the refugee families I visited with my team members. These families have gone through so much – persecution, learning to adapt to life in a new country, having to find new schools for their children – yet in all of these circumstances, they remain hopeful and know that Jesus is with them. Most of the refugees I met just wanted to be heard.

Hope and trust were the words that God gave me again and again during my time in Jordan. Psalm 42:5 (NLT) states, “Why I am discouraged? Why is my heart so sad? I will put my hope in God! I will praise him again – my Savior and my God!” I saw hope in the families that I was privileged to visit – hope that they may be able to emigrate to a Western country. I saw hope and love in the people who worshipped at church – hope and trust for a better future and love for Jesus and their fellow congregants.

As for being able to adapt to the Middle Eastern culture and customs – all the people I encountered, both native Jordanians and people from other Middle Eastern countries were gracious and welcoming. And yes, it gets a little cold in Jordan at night in March!

Ryan and Janette (Haiti)
"Our church group from Bible Baptist Church in Kissimmee FL, visited Haiti in 2013. Our church pastor at that time and his wife were who made all the pre-trip arrangements with Global Partners. I believe that like other groups, our team had many interesting experiences with the unique culture and the beautiful people of Haiti. And, perhaps like other groups, our team had the challenge and satisfaction of serving in areas of construction, teaching Bible lessons to children, and distributing food to the local community (my husband Ryan was given the task to design and help build benches for a local church!).
Even though our team may be one of many groups who through the years have had wonderful experiences working alongside Global Partners personnel, what made our experience so special to my husband and me was the level of Christ-centeredness within the leadership of our trip. We recall being encouraged by Jonathan Grooms and Matt Riggins, who daily reminded us to stay united and focused on Jesus Christ; as well as being encouraged by the enthusiasm of Amber Hasson. We also had guidance and leadership from Jim and Debi Hambrick, who were great at hosting the entire group! I'm convinced that we will never know the real impact of this trip on this side of eternity, but my prayer is that it was all done for the glory of God!"

Scott M. (Jordan)
My first official trip with GPPD was to Jordan in 2018. For me, team bonding is important. I’ve been on mission trips where I still didn’t know all the team members at the end of the trip. This team was different. Right from the start our personal walls we build around us began to break. Everyone was all in. We shared, we laughed, we cried. Lives were changed. Not only with those who we shared the gospel with but also those sharing the gospel. Being on a mission trip is relational. Don’t get caught up in the task that you forget to forge those meaningful relationships. The task will end but relationships will remain for eternity. I’m thankful for GPPD and their commitment to bringing people together and to spreading the gospel to the ends of the earth! 
Photo: free night in Amman, Jordan enjoying some shawarma with our team!


Woody F. (South Asia)

In January, 2017 I went with Matt and a group to South Asia.  It was non-stop ministry activity.  Every day was filled with visits to children's homes, village meetings, well dedications and ministry to widows.  It was a very impactful experience, and the people captured my heart.  Perhaps the most significant moment of the trip was our last day of ministry.  Matt, the pastors and I travelled to a small village to do a well dedication.  We met a beautiful older couple there who  had been praying for years for a church to be established in their village.  The well that we dedicated that day was the tool God used to answer their prayers.  I came home with a burdened heart for these folks we met.