Couple Plans Extra Ceremony with Rev Family in Haiti

By GPPD Team with Caden Crosby | May 26, 2022  |  Return to Blog   

Love is in the air!

Those who have been to Haiti know the Port-au-Prince air is thick with smoke and pollution. Lately though, our partners on the ground might say that pollution should step aside because LOVE is in the air! A few weeks ago, we heard about an engagement between 2 people who are very dear to us as a GPPD family. Woobens, who graduated from the Rev Home years ago, has been living out God’s plan for his life by going to college in the Dominican Republic and recently moving back to Haiti. Leeanne and Woobens dated long-distance while he was in college. Now back in Haiti, they have been able to spend much more time together. He proposed to Leeanne Leary­, our Rev Café director–and she said yes! They plan to tie the knot in Port-au-Prince, Haiti in January, making it a special day for the entire Rev family. 

But God didn’t stop there – just a few weeks later, one of Rev Home’s beloved families from Alabama boarded a plane, crossed the ocean, and had an extra “commitment ceremony” in Port-au-Prince in addition to their U.S. wedding plans. The bride, Caden Crosby, along with her parents and fiance, planned the event so their Haitian family would feel included, loved, and valued. Here’s what she had to say about her Haitian Ceremony:

A Note from Caden

Amber, Leeanne, and the kids - they are our family. Seriously, family. Amber and RÈV have walked with me and prayed for me through so many seasons of life. After such a big life event (like getting engaged!), I had to go to back to Haiti so everyone could meet Will. The kids were so excited for us. However, reality quickly caught up with us and they began to say, “Aw man, we won’t get to be at the wedding.” That just broke our hearts. I knew If there was any way they could be in the States with us for our big ceremony, they would be sitting right behind my parents. So, we decided right then we were going to find a way to celebrate with them this year. We have been planning our Haiti “wedding” as long as we have our real ceremony in the States!

It was literally the most perfect day! I had a “first look” with the kids, and their reaction was priceless and one of my favorite moments of the day! When I prayed for my future helpmate, one of the desires of my heart was for someone to either share my love for Haiti and RÈV, or that they would be open to that experience - and Will loves RÈV just as much as I do! He’s only been twice, but the kids love him just as much as me! (Especially Magdala!)

We are printing a huge canvas our “Haiti Wedding Portrait” with everyone on the stairs at Quisqueya to display at our American wedding! I couldn’t imagine celebrating this season of my life without them!

Celebrating Together!

The Couple with Caden's Parents