Prabhudas' Legacy

By Matt Riggins  |  January 24, 2022  |  Return to Blog   


How it All Began 

In January 2005, I had recently turned my heart back to God and was preparing for my first mission trip with GPPD. I heard about the devestating tsunami that struck South Asia about two weeks before our scheduled departure. Preparations changed as Jonathan and our National Partners worked quickly together to amend our schedule. After we arrived, we began visiting the affected areas. On that trip, I was introduced to Prabhudas – a man who, along with his wife, rescued orphaned children after their parents had tragically passed away. We visited property that would eventually become a home for these lost children. By God’s grace and Jonathan’s suggestion, I donated extra funds I had raised to the orphanage to help get the project started. After meeting Prabhudas and his wife, I felt honored to be able to contribute.

Rescued and Loved


After the trip, God was still working in my heart. I kept thinking of those kids. I told Jonathan I wanted to sponsor one of the children who lost their parents to the Tsunami. He suggested Pallavi and sent me her picture. It took me all of two seconds to say ‘yes’. At that time, she was only a baby. Prabhudas and his wife would now raise her, but not alone. I wasn’t married at the time, but ultimately my family would have the priviledge of helping as a long-term part of her life. Our kids at home would know her name and see her picture on the fridge daily.


Over the years, God has given me numerous opportunities to visit Pallavi. When I visited her, I saw she was happy and well cared for. There was a sense of joy and peace in their home. She was visibly thankful to be in the home. She is quiet and shy with a big and beautiful smile. Pallavi has a sweet spirit and, as she has grown, is now a role model to the younger kids. As a family, we look forward to receiving updates about her life.

Tears for a Father

In late 2021, we received the news that Prabhudas had suddenly passed away at his home. I cannot share with words how badly it pained our hearts to hear this news. I knew what he meant to Pallavi. He was her model of Christ, someone who sacrificed so much to rescue her. My heart hurt for her. I cannot imagine Pallavi’s pain of losing her birth parents, and now the father who raised her. I could not help her in that moment. I cried and prayed for comfort and peace. In the midst of the pain, I am thankful for our team and their support of the children.

A Hopeful Future

Today, I am thankful to know Pallavi is still well cared for by Prabhudas' wife and others. At age 17, she has just completed 12th grade and is pursuing a teaching degree so she can invest in the next generation. Like the other kids in the home, Pallavi has a bright future and I truly believe God has called her out for a great purpose. I look forward to hearing about the next chapters in her life.

I am thankful for the opportunity to have gotten to know many of the kids at this home. I know Prabhudas & his wife raised them well and his legacy will carry on for generations through the lives of many! We praise God for a life well lived and the good and faithful servant he was. I also write this to encourage you in knowing that sponsorship truly makes a difference. Each time I met Prabhudas, he was grateful and never took for granted the gifts had God provided through generous sponsors. I am humbled for the opportunity that we, the Global Partners family, have to love and pray for all 250+ children in our progam.