Cherni Colony Water Well

In Honor of Charity Drury on our 20th Wedding Anniversary

  • Population: 2,000   
  • Rate of Literacy: 55%
  • They always have a dry climate and in the summer it is very hot with temperatures reaching well over 100 degrees each day
  • # of Believers: 50
  • We estimate this well will be used by 1,500 people per day
  • Responsible for Maintenance and upkeep: Pastor Daniel & His Family

GPS Coordinates:

16.46378, 79.43222

Mandal: Macherla
District: Guntur
State: Andhra Pradesh
Date of Dedication: February 23, 2018 @ 2:53pm

All the members of this village previously had to go about 1 km away to get water. The water that they got was from a cement factory that every night provided water for the nearby villages. They were able to drink this water directly. Sometimes government would send a tanker for water and they could get water for free. They are very happy to receive this water well. They had been praying God would send them water. 
Because this well had to be dug so deep, it is powered by an electric pump. The switch is inside the church and when it is turned on, everyone in the village can come and receive fresh water. What a great gift this will be for the church members to share with the rest of the village. We believe this church will see tremendous growth because of how God has blessed this village through this water well.