Join us on an AMAZING ADVENTURE as we “travel the world” without leaving your hometown! Around 2 billion people (25% of the world's population) live on less than $2/day. Through interactive experiences, you and your family will navigate difficult real life situations and decisions many around the world face daily.  

  • Two Days of Memories with Friends and Family
  • Interactive and immersive global experiences to stretch the way you see the world
  • Fun activities and prizes
  • Delicious International Foods
  • Bible and Missions Sessions led by experienced teachers


  • When: The next event will be announced soon! 
  • Where: TBD
  • Cost: TBD
  • Sign Up Deadline: TBD


You will have the opportunity to “live” like many around the world who do not have a permanent shelter to call home. We encourage all participants (not required) to tent camp on the property behind the Youth Center.  Your team will earn more points for tent camping.


Please eat dinner before arriving on Friday night. We will provide a snack Friday evening, along with breakfast, lunch, and an international dinner on Saturday night.

Can I attend as a single person?

Yes, you are welcome to attend if you are single or if some of your family is not able to participate. You will be put on a “team” for the weekend.

What ages can attend?

The whole family is welcome. We will not provide any childcare, but your young children are welcome to participate. It will be a family atmosphere.

The cost seems very low for the weekend. Is that a reflection of the quality?

 No. The cost is extremely low due to the generosity of someone who passionately wants as many people as possible to attend this life-changing missions experience.

Do I have to tent camp in order to attend the weekend?

No. We feel like you will get more out of the weekend (and more points) if you tent camp, but it is not required. You can leave Friday night and come back early Saturday morning.

What do I need to bring?

A pen, a notebook, and a heart willing and eager to hear from God! You can bring extra clothes, but if you stay in the same clothes all weekend, you will get some extra points for your team!


What time can we set up our tent?

We would prefer all who are tent camping to arrive early and get their tents set up before our 6pm starting time.


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