The Gundaram Village Well

  • Population is 3,999 (as per 2010 Census)       
  • Rate of Literacy: 51%
  • This village occupies very hard ground on a rock formation
  • Always dry climate and in the summer it is very, very hot
  • There is not sufficient rainfall and annually in the village they have less than an inch of rain
  • This village has no water by any river bank
  • This Fresh Water Well used by more than 792 people per day
  • The government tried to supply by water preserve in a water overhead tank, but there was tank failure and it is not working properly. They had no other source of water. This village very near to the forest, from the forest many people come and use this well.

Town: Gundaram
District: Karimnagar
State: Telangana
Date of Dedication: Thursday, Nov 3, 2011