Incredible India!

India, a country about a third the size of the United States is painted by deserts, jungles, mountains, and seashores. Within her boarders is three times the population of the United States. She is made up of 2,600 diverse people groups, each with their own unique culture and deep traditions. The belief system in India is a dominant 90% Hinduism and Islam. India's slogan depicts well her diversity, "Incredible India". 

Beneath the diversity and incredibleness of this nation, a large number of the world's population of orphans roam the cities and villages of India, leaving them easy prey for child work and sex slavery. Their mothers face the fastest growing crime in the country, violence against women. Sexual abuse, kidnapping, and slavery not only threaten orphans, but also the 40 million widows of India. 

The vast amount of physical, emotional and spiritual needs in the country of India has touched the hearts of many. Joining together, we can bring HELP and HOPE to the people of India.

Village Travel Trips:

Your experience in India will be like none other as you do things like visit and play with children (play their favorite games like cricket and kabaddi). You will visit neglected people groups to share and show God's love, and be a part of providing clean water for villages that have little or no access to nearby clean water through Well Dedications. While there, you can help distribute food and clothes to the needy villages. 

Also, you will have the unique opportunity to provide clothes, blankets, and love to children who are despised in their communities, spend time with hurting widows who are hated and neglected by their family and communities, and show them love by providing clothes and blankets for them. Medical Clinics and Conferences are sometimes a part of our trips as well. This "hands on" experience will challenge your senses and burden your heart for the beautiful people you serve. These trips are also a great opportunity to meet the child you sponsor in person and show love to them!

Your Safety Is Our Priority. We will never put you in a known, dangerous situation. Our partners and workers on the ground know and understand the culture very well. They will always have your best interest in mind.

Come with us and experience "Incredible India"! This is an intense trip where we travel a lot; eat different foods, and quickly begin to expect the unexpected. We will use many forms of transportation: airplane, bus, trains, jeeps, and possibly even a rickshaw. This is a physically demanding trip where you will be taken out of your comfort zone and leaving behind many of your typical comforts. It is not for the faint of heart, but if you are up to the challenge, your heart will be touched like never before!


January 8-19, 2019

January 7-18, 2020

COST: $2800

  • Price may change due to airfare
  • Trip cost includes: Transportation, Lodging, Food, Ministry Expenses
  • Other possible expenses may include: Passport, Vaccines, Indian Visa, Travel Day Food, Souvenirs

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