The people of Haiti have suffered political, economical, and natural disasters leaving the country the poorest in the western hemisphere. Around 75% of Haitians live on less than $2 a day and two-thirds are unemployed. In 2010 a 7.0 magnitude earthquake devastated much of what little economic infrastructure did exist.

Together we are bringing help and hope to these desperate people. 


As of June, 2016 our Associate, Amber Hason became the director of the Haiti Rév Home - a Children's Home with 35 (now 25) children. The home was separated into a home for the younger children and a Transition Home for the older children. The Transition Home is a place where they can begin preparing for transition into normal Haitian life.




The Rev children have been through many difficulties, including a flood, an earthquake and have gone through numerous home Directors. Our Associate, Amber Hasson has been working with these children since 2012 and has a sincere love for these kids. She has a great passion to provide these children with a deep understanding of God's love, a great education and life skills that they can use in their future, as well as a secure, loving, family environment. The home provides shelter, food, schooling and all the necessities these children need. GPPD is seeking out sponsors for each child in order to provide these children with the necessities and relationships they need to prosper. 

Learn More: Child Sponsorship




For those interested in bringing help and hope cross-culturally on a long-term basis, Haiti may be just the place for you! Interns can spend a few months to a year in Haiti and experience missions at a new level. There are many opportunities to serve in Haiti with our Partners; including working in our Children's Home, feeding and community programs, education, medical clinics, pastor training and more. We will get you connected in Haiti with whatever passion or skill you would like to experience on the field.




Through our Partnership with a Haitian woman, Mrs. Clotilde, together we started a community program at Mrs. Clotilde's house. Mrs. Clotilde has a heart to share God's love with her community. The area deals with a lot of poverty and suffering. Many of the children are unschooled, unchurched and have numerous unmet needs. Every other Saturday we have a program for the children which includes singing songs, teaching English, providing basic education, sharing Bible stories, playing games and providing the kids with a hot meal. This program has empowered Mrs. Clotilde in helping her own community. It has also provided the children in her community with a fun, safe and encouraging environment. Mrs. Clotilde hopes to start a church in her house for the community soon.


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