Bringing Help & Hope to India

India is a land of incredible diversity.

From snowcapped mountains, to rain forests, beaches and wildlife reserves, India is a land of rich geographical variety. This diversity extends to the people of India, whose cultural traditions can vary vastly in each region, city and village. 

The heartbreaking reality is that many people die yearly in India from drinking unclean water. Inadequate sanitation and the lack of clean water can spread diseases, which often impact children the most. Poverty affects hundreds of millions, especially widows and children. Many who rely on farming to make a living face circumstances beyond their control, such as adverse weather, drought, or sickness.

God is at work in this amazing nation! Partner with us in showing the people of India how truly valuable they are, not only to us, but also most importantly to God. Together we can bring hope to the incredible people of India.

Showing and Sharing God's Love in India

India is home to thousands of people groups and cultures. We work with national partners to find those in the greatest need, from remote mountain communities, to widows facing discrimination, to abandoned children. The opportunities to show and share God's love are endless. We invite you to pray and partner with us in India.


Hope for Children


Since our inception, we have partnered with nationals in India and donors like you to provide for 8 Children’s Homes and Community Centers throughout Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. In these homes and centers we have over 250 children that we care for on a daily basis through sponsors like you.

Visit the Child Sponsor page to learn more about how you can make an impact on a child’s life today.

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Clean Water

In 2011, we completed our first water well project for a remote village in desperate need. For $2,500 we can build one water well that will transform the future for a village with approximately 3,000 people.

Visit our Clean Water Well map page to see exactly where each well is.

Learn More about how you can be a part of giving life to an entire village by providing something as simple as clean water! 

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India Widows

In India, widows in poverty are often abandoned by their relatives without any means of caring for themselves and their children. We are able to show them God’s love by providing them with gifts of food and clothing.


Disaster Relief

Each year, parts of India are devastated by floods, mudslides, cyclones, and fires. With your help, we are able to provide emergency relief items such as rice, blankets, fishing nets and more.  To stay informed on current needs, contact us to be added to our mailing list.


Small Businesses

By providing the funds for a small business startup, a person can gain the training and tools necessary to provide income for their family's food, schooling, and other basic needs.

In the past, businesses have included sewing and providing livestock for breeding and/or animal product sales. 

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You can purchase items made by small business owners at the Nations' Hope Donation Store.

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Leadership Training

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Running For Water

Dana's Story of Impact

Dana had always wanted to run in a marathon but was particularly inspired after her grandfather, a faithful marathon runner, passed away. After hearing stories about the water crisis in India and how people had to walk miles to get fresh water, Dana decided that she wanted her marathon miles to mean something more.

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