Global Partners is intentional about giving as much as possible of the donated funds to help people around the world. This is why we give 95% to 100% of funds donated, directly to the causes designated. 

Only 5% of each donation is used to help cover administrative costs. The majority of our Staff and Associates, as well as much of our administrative costs are supported by individuals, businesses, groups and organizations that share our passion to bring help and hope to those in desperate need. Many people volunteer their time, money and resources to help us maintain our 95-100% mentality. 

We also believe there is only one life to live, and growing our personal kingdom is not what it is about. Everyone on our Staff has a passion to live and give sacrifically. That heart of generosity, at any cost, is one thing that unites us. 

We have annual events throughout the year where 100% of the funds raised go directly to the projects designated. 

If you share this passion and would like to partner with us financially, please contact us or simply begin giving to the general fund here.


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