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The Koya People mostly live in the forests, valleys and hills on both sides of the Godavari River, located in the eastern part of India. They speak both Telugu and their native tongue, Koyi. Many of them are farmers or field laborers. Those who live in the forests are excellent hunters.

Many of their people die from preventable diseases because of lack of nutrition, food and medical care. Often times women will die in child birth because no one is there to help them.  

The Vision

Very few Koya know of God's love for them. Pastor Prasad and his family are committed to bringing hope to the Koya people. They have goals to see them no longer dying of simple diseases and starvation, but that they would be transformed by God's love for them, making wise choices that will alter the course for future Koya generations. 

Adopt the Koya People

With the Community Center now opened in the Koya village. Pastor Prasad and his family are now living in the Community Center. It is also being used as a medical facility and a church where the people can meet together.

  1. Would you commit to praying for the Koya People this next year? Download the prayer guide above.
  2. Would you make a one-year commitment of $30 a month or more to help Pastor Prassad and his family move amongst the Koya people and give them access to much needed medical care? Use the donation box above or download the commitment card and send in the mail to the GPPD Office. 
  3. Would you give a one-time gift to bringing help and hope to the Koya people?
  4. Would you rally your people to make a big impact together by Taking Action? You can use the resources above to share with your friends, a small group, your business or church to adopt the Koya people with you.