You are burdened for the millions of refugees in the Middle East. Your heart beats for the orphaned child or those who are without clean water. You may feel the burden is too great to carry on your own.
By starting a campaign or fundraiser with other like-minded people in your community, your impact can be multiplied as you work together to bring awareness and raise funds to help make a real difference in the lives of those you are burdened for. Think of something you enjoy doing, a hobby or a talent that you have. How could you use these things to help others in need?
When we take our little and offer it to God, He multiplies it and uses it to start a ripple effect that will make an eternal impact on the lives of those in desperate physical and spiritual need.
Begin Your Journey...


What is something that tugs at your heart? Clean water, refugees, children? Have you been on a Gpartners Trip recently and felt burden to do something more? Perhaps for the Rev Home in Haiti or a Children's Home in India? Check out our current projects and causes or browse the GPPD Gift Catalog to get other ideas. If there isn't a fundraiser started yet for a cause that you would like to help, email us at to let us know, and we will get it started for you! 



Think of something you enjoy to do or are good at, like bike riding, crafting or baking. Plan a yard sale, concert or host an outdoor movie night. Maybe you would like to give up your birthday and choose a cause your gifts can go towards. Include your children in on your ideas or get ideas from them! The ideas are endless! 


Now take your idea and start a fundraiser! You can use our interactive resources to set your goals, track your progress and share with your community.


Now you are ready to Take Action!  

Share and promote your campaign or fundraiser with your friends. Work together to make your goal. Together we can share God’s love to one person at a time and help end the cycle of poverty for generations to come.


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