We require 5 things for all camp participants. All of these things will help with preparation for camp.

  1. Register and pay $50 for camp before Friday, April 13, 2018 (two weeks prior to camp).
  2. Sign Medical Release Form before Friday, April 13, 2018 and be sure to give a family member emergency contact number. You will not have access to your mobile devices during camp. Please email or send by mail your medical release form before camp to Stephanie at or P.O. Box 117, Blue Ridge, VA 24064.
  3. Follow this packing List – One of the challenges of the weekend will be the requirements on dress, the reason for this will be explained more throughout the weekend, but as you may already know most cultures dress differently than we do. So please pack according to this list: No Shorts or Short Sleeves. No low-cut shirts. Girls must pack a long skirt or dress and boys a dress shirt and khakis. Please pack a set of clothes you can get very dirty in. Public Pajamas, Toiletries, etc. Bring your Bible, Journal and Pen/Pencil.
  4. Write a letter to yourself about why you wanted or feel God leading you to attend GPS Camp or serve with GPPD as an intern, and bring it to camp with you.
  5. Read chapters 1-7 of Spiritual Leadership by Oswald Sanders and take notes of what you learned or things that stood out to you. It is about an hour and half of reading.
  6. Watch the (24) five minutes videos (1 hour and half total) and take notes of what you learned or things that stood out to you. Please bring your notes to camp.