The Jogirajupeta Village Water Well

Special Thanks to Ron & Mary Alice Bergan

  • Population of village and surrounding area: 1,000
  • We estimate that 200 families will use this well
  • Rate of Literacy: 55%
  • Summer heat gets up to 120 degrees
  • Village leader Pedda Appalnaidu is responsible for the maintenance
  • Location of Water Well: In very rural village
  • They had been praying to idols for water. When we gave water, they knew it was from God.
  • To access drinking water, they had to go 1km away then boil it before it was safe to drink

GPS Location:

Latitude: 18.8534150133085
Longitude: 83.52167774930923

Mandal: Jiyammavalasa
District: Vizianagaram
State: Andhra Pradesh
Date of Dedication: January 12, 2016 @ 5:24pm

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