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Jonathan's Story of Impact


Jonathan had India on his heart after he and his wife had sacrificially given money for a water well to be dug in an Indian Village. So in January of 2016 he joined a Gpartners team and traveled to India. His 10 day trip was the beginning of a ripple effect that would matter for eternity in the lives of people on both sides of the globe. 
On his third night in India, He was able to experience a water well dedication. Jonathan shares, "I knew about the clean water well program, but I didn't know anything about 'dedicating’ them. I didn’t know what was going to happen.” The group huddled around the well and were asked to start singing. “People started coming out of their homes to look at us. One of our team members started telling the story of creation, the fall of man, the provision from God for our sin, the redemption plan, the whole nine yards. They now know God’s love for them!”
“When I came home, I told Lisa, my wife, 'a dedication is an opportunity for the Good News to be shared with people who had never heard it before. It’s a tangible reminder that someone came and told them God loves them and has a plan for their lives.' It’s an opportunity. It’s convicting. To realize that something that seems so effortless can change the lives of so many."
“I came home and told my community group for our local church about it and they wanted to be involved. We decided to do a garage sale and we raised the funds for a clean water well in India. When people learned of what we were doing, an item that cost 2 dollars, they gave $20 for it and said 'keep the change, it's for a good cause’."
"I know that a lot of intentions for short term mission trips are that we can go and do something to help change others lives, but it always seems to change our own as well, and for the better."








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