A Change in Perspective:

Katrina's Story of Impact

God first led Katrina to go on a trip with Global Partners when her youth group went to Haiti in 2015. Before she went, her mindset was how SHE could do HER job to help the impoverished people there. Instead of letting God do the work, she wanted to be the hero. While she was in Haiti, God changed her perspective. 

Upon arriving in Haiti in 2015, she judged the people there for what they believed and the cultural differences. She was on the VBS team, and when she saw the children’s faces and smiles, she realized that the reason she was in Haiti was bigger than herself.  Before Katrina or her team had come to Haiti, God was clearly already at work changing lives. 

Her life-changing experience on a trip led her to take a course that changed her view on missions. The course was called Perspectives, and it took her through four sessions on the biblical reasoning for missions. She learned that throughout the Bible, God always has a purpose in spreading His love to the nations. There was also a session on how to behave culturally and the kind of attitude one should have towards other cultures and nations, which was just what Katrina needed to hear. 

Katrina has taken the Perspective course three times and helped organize the course in Roanoke, VA. She has also gone to India with Global Partners twice. Since Haiti in 2015, she has grown and matured and hopes to continue her journey to grow in the mission field. God is calling her to begin studying linguistics at Dallas International University this fall. Her goal is to help translate the Bible for many nations, but especially in India. God has radically changed Katrina’s perspective on missions.

Katrina in Haiti in 2015, and Katrina in India in 2019.