Koya People Group Water Well

Special Thanks To: Proceeds for Poverty 2014

We have recently began building a relationship with the Koya people. Through generous donations, we have been able to provide for them goats and sheep, and a clean water well that was put into use during the late summer months of 2014. We have recently began construction on a community center that will include a health clinic. This will allow us to continue to strengthen our relationship with them and show them how much God loves them.

Back Story: In 2007, a man from the village was sick, so he went into town to seek medical help. During his visit he visited a church and met Pastor Prasad. This began the relationship and since 2007 Prasad has been visiting 8 different Koya people villages developing relationships with the people. Pastor Prasad hopes to soon use the Community Center as a church and health clinic. His wife just so happens to be a nurse. 



Here is where they are located:

To see pictures from our visit with them in June, visit our Facebook album here