The Hopes of a Heart Mom


By Amber Hasson  |  May 8, 2021  |  Return to Blog   


I am about to pass onto you a glimmer of hope  because many of us need a reminder that God sees us, He knows, and He is faithful. If you do not have time to make it to the end of this blog, here is the spoiler: I finally have legal guardianship of Kervenson Pierre! 

I have always believed the kid’s stories of how they became a part of Rev Home are theirs to tell. I cannot imagine the heartache, agony, and brokenness a family must feel when having no choice but to willingly give up their child. Many of the children were brought to a pastor or missionary in hopes of giving them opportunity. I can’t imagine the pain of Kervenson's mother. I have always wanted to live up to her sacrifice for her child, which I think is impossible. I could not be there in the moments their families thought they had no choice.

God’s timing did not allow me to prevent the heartache and pain that Kervenson, the other kids, and their parents endured. I have come to realize that the success of each kid is a measure of their parent’s choice of heartache. For me, as just Amber, to live up to making that heartache worth it and ensuring their sacrifices were not in vain is impossible without relief and hope from Jesus.  

I struggled with the insecurities of this question: How is it that, because I was born in the top 1% of the world’s wealthiest, do I get to help raise their babies? I somehow have the privilege of being their 26-year-old ‘heart mom’ because I had the ability (or knew people who did) to financially fight poverty. I know my perspective is not fully accurate and that sin is ultimately what put us all in this mess. Regardless, it is how I have felt.

As I am writing this, it is our first day opening the Rev Café in Haiti. I see how God has divinely watched over the kids’ steps and made a way for them. He is redeeming. He is conquering. He is taking care of HIS children. The opening has made me think about their families and how it has provided the kids hope of college, careers, and a fighting chance to really beat poverty’s obstacles. It is an opportunity to honor their families’ sacrifices for them. It enables them to honor the heartache of separation, breathe, and begin a new chapter. It is giving hope to their future families, their babies, and their baby’s babies. It is creating a new generation able to rise up. 

The second praise I have is for Kervenson Pierre. He means so much to me. He is my son. He brings happiness into my days. He brings love and joy into any room. He is favored by Jesus and is simply incredible. It feels like I am raising someone’s future hero, but, for now, he is mine.

To gain guardianship of a child in Haiti, you must have lived in Haiti 5 years with a permis (visa). After those years for me passed, I was so nervous about going through the system. It is an ever-changing, fickle system that is intimidating at best. When I took in Kervenson, his birth mother’s name was unknown, and he did not have a birth certificate. On all accounts in Haiti, Kervenson did not exist. It was a daunting thought to begin the process, knowing the impending complications. After a year and a half journey to getting guardianship, I AM NOW THE LEGAL GUARDIAN of KERVENSON PIERRE. This is just the first step in an even longer road to adoption, but it is a definite victory for which to praise Jesus.

The next steps in this complicated process include obtaining a visa, passport, and birth certificate for Kervenson, allowing him to visit my family in the states. The US Embassy has been closed due to COVID for over a year. Having an appointment after it reopens does not guarantee an approved visa. I would love you to be a part of this journey and implore you to cover Kervenson in prayer. When I leave to visit the US, he is old enough to understand and struggles through the realities. If my family is his family like I say, it does not make sense why he cannot see them and be a part of their lives outside of Facetime. We have prayed for years and are now asking you to join us in praying for that blessing.

 God, I do, fully, 100 percent, give you full honor and glory. Thank you for allowing me to be a firsthand witness to tangible reconciliation of brokenness into something beautiful. I have seen redemption, justice, and provision. I will follow the example you have shown me. I could not be more proud to see these kids find their purpose in His Kingdom work.



Amber Hasson