Moolapadu Village Water Well

Special Thanks To: Rebecka Hutchins

  • Population: 180 people    
  • Rate of Literacy: 15%
  • We estimate this well will be used by 50 families people per day
  • Prayer needs of the village: Roads, drainage system, & hospital
  • Location of well: In a Koya Village, just off the Godavari River
  • They said they plan to use water for in their house (cleaning/bathing) and drinking
  • They said they were VERY thankful
  • Responsible for Maintenance and upkeep: Subba Roa and Rambabu

Mandal: Devipatnam
District: East Godavari
State: Andhra Pradesh
Date of Dedication: January 11, 2016 @ 11:30am

Dropbox link to view photos