The Nadigama-Uma Village Water Well
  • The population of the village is approx 5,200 people    
  • 185 sq. kms occupies the area of the colony
  • Percentages: Male 40%, Females 43% and Children 17%
  • Rate of Literacy: 49.72%
  • This colony occupies hard ground and some part of the stones layers situated
  • Always dry climate and in the summer 53 centigrade Hot there
  • No sufficient rain fall and annually in the village 29 mm rain falls
  • This SC Colony had no drinking water sources and drinking water scarcity
  • Earth soils mixed with black sands and clay loams
  • This Water Bore Well will be used by more than 1400 people daily
  • The Government and other agencies digged depth 250 feet  but with no success, there is no water under ground, but this well is dug more than 450 feet deep. 
Town: Nandigama-Uma
District: Krishna
State: Andhra Pradesh
Date of Dedication: February 8, 2012