At the end of 2019, the United Nations reported that there were 744,795 registered refugees living in Jordan, 655,000 from Syrian and 67,000 from Iraqi. They report that 83% of refugees are living in urban areas, the majority of them in the capital city, Amman. Unemployment is much higher, due to the COVID pandemic, causing there to be less available work for refugees. In most cases it is illegal for refugees to work, making it much more difficult to meet their family's basic needs.  When refugees do find work, often they are underpaid or taken advantage of. You can help a family with a monthly food voucher through our sponsorship program. By providing this food voucher, it will help free up other possible income to be used for medical care, education, shelter and clothing. 


  • Suggested monthly giving amounts: $45, $30, and $15* 
  • Your gift will be combined with others to provide food vouchers for individuals and families in the greatest need. Amount received varies based on need and family size.
  • Sponsors will receive a quarterly update with prayer requests and stories from families who have received help.
  • We make a 6 month commitment to a family, with a possibility of renewal based on need.

*5% goes toward administrative fees. 




Amount: $

Please select monthly giving below if you would like to become a sponsor. One time gifts of any amount are appreciated.