"8 days after the Berlin wall fell, years of nonviolent protests culminated in the resignation of the communist regime. After this 1989 event known as the "Velvet Revolution," the country of Czechoslovakia struggled to find its economic footing. Years of corruption and oppression were still sending shockwaves through the country. One of the results was the "Velvet Divorce," which split the country into two: Czechia and Slovakia.

Today, Slovakia still struggles with unemployment, especially in rural areas. Those in the Roma minority group have the highest rate of unemployment. Some feel their only option is to continue living off of government assistance. Others see education as the only source of hope, to the point of elevating it over God in their lives. Many have forgotten that reason and morality are necessary to use that education in a truly productive way. We want to teach students how establishing a solid Biblical worldview can enrich their lives and enable them to benefit their society."

-Charles, Janet, and Tina, Slovakia Associates


Empowering Disciples Course

GPPD team member Tina (M.A. Biblical Studies) is leading a brand new hybrid online/in person course on applying practical Biblical truths to culture and personal life.

The course will be an opportunity to gain deeper understanding of the Bible and how it shapes our interactions with others. The course will incorporate reading, online discussions and intentional devotional and discipleship activities.

Empowering Disciples Course

Camps for Kids and Teens

We conduct English and Worldview camps that not only teach English, but promote hope in the lives of many teens in need. These camps are designed to help people see life through God's perspective. 

GPS PROGRAM: The Global Partners Summer (GPS) Program for older students is an English immersion overnight camp with a strong Christian emphasis. Younger students can attend a day camp with activities and English practice more suited to their age category.

Our camps focus on personal Christian development, using songs, games, stories, crafts and activities with discussion.  We will discover who we are as humans and how to look at life from God’s perspective. The program has a family atmosphere, incorporating activities like cooking and playing games as opportunities to have fun with other students and strengthen conversational English skills.

Weekend Retreats

Weekend retreats are for anyone who is interested in getting away from the hectic pace of life in order to meet God in a deeper way. We offer times of learning and discussion as we seek to know God better through study, music, worship and prayer. We will also offer an introduction into worldview thinking and God’s perspective of every area of life.

This retreat in the beautiful mountains of Slovakia will be a time of spiritual, physical and mental renewal. We are open to discussing any deep questions or doubts you may have about life, God or other topics. We want to meet people where they are in their spiritual walk, then encourage and equip them to grow in order to better influence their world around them. 

There are many scenic mountain hikes in our area that you can choose to take during your stay. Enjoying God's creation is a wonderful opportunity to clear the mind and refresh the soul.

Use the contact form to find out how you can be a part of a mountain retreat!

Intensive Seminars

All-day seminars take place at various times throughout the year.

Our most recent seminar was on the intersection of politics and science as they relate to worldview. Participants are invited to attend just for the day or as part of a weekend retreat. Use the contact us form or click the button below if you are interested in attending an upcoming seminar



We welcome interns looking to serve approximately 3 months (or more) in Slovakia.

Feel free to contact us first (below), or visit the main internships page for details, requirements or to submit an official interest form.


We would love to answer your questions about internships, weekend retreats, our ministry and more! Please fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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[Left, Christmas Picture]

Interests and Hobbies: Books, history, puzzles, cooking, gardening, enjoying my dog and three cats

How Others Describe My Strengths: Reader and researcher, Organizer (of teaching details in all areas), Available to serve

Favorite Thing About Slovakian Culture: "The hospitality of Slovaks has impacted me the most. Whenever they visit, they bring a gift. Whenever we visit them, they offer so much to eat and drink. They always make sure you get enough."

Favorite Quote: "The church may not be content simply to bring the gospel to the lost. Instead, its primary calling is to lead those the Lord calls into a deeper understanding of God’s intentions, from which the entire plan of salvation arose; and to lay the firm connection between Jesus and those who are saved, which is not complete at conversion, but only begins there.” - Abraham Kuyper 



[Center, Christmas Picture]

Interests and Hobbies: Reading, long walks, gardening, cooking, sports and games, good conversations

How Others Describe My Strengths: Motivator, visionary, and administrator.

Favorite Thing About Slovakian Culture: "Since we arrived shortly after the fall of communism, we observed a quality of endurance and strength in the people because of their suffering. This has eliminated much of the shallowness that Western Christians tend to have. Our family has been greatly influenced by these Slovak Christians."

Favorite Quote: “You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.” -Charlie Tremendous Jones


[Right, Christmas Picture]

Interests and Hobbies: Books, History, Studying and learning, playing guitar, walking the dog

How Others Describe My Strengths:  Steadfast, Jack-of-All Trades, Wise Expositor of God’s Word, Servant-Leader

Favorite Thing About Slovakian Culture: "Because of the oppression of the communist regime people in  this society didn’t know who they could trust.  This caused them to value family much more as these were the people they knew well and could trust. I admire their strong family ties."

Favorite Quote: “People function on the basis of their worldview more consistently than even they themselves may realize. The problem is not outward things. The problem is having, and then acting upon, the right worldview – the worldview which gives men and women the truth of what is.” -Francis Schaeffer