Children's Home Maintenance Needs

Although child Sponsorships provide for each child's basic needs, education and care, maintenance and repair often go unattended due to lack of funds. 

Choose Children's Home Maintenance in the drop down menu. You can mention a specific project in the comments box or say "where most needed"


Building & Grounds Repair ($9,000) For the MDP Children's Home. Heavy rains have created sink holes all around the back of the home. This has attracted large rats and cobra snakes. The entire property needs to be elevated so water drains outward towards road.

Auto Rickshaw ($3,636.00) For transporting children to and from school at the PDT Home. 

New Veranda for the PDT Home. To give children a place to sit outside, but not be under the sun. 

Support for Unsponsored Children

SOME  children attending our programs are stil waiting to be sponsored. Financially, we combine funds for efficiency and fairness to each child. One-time gifts help us keep community center programs open to children waiting to be sponsored.

Christmas Gifts

CHRISTMAS  is a season of joy and generosity. Sponsors have an opportunity to donate an additional $35 so we can provide a gift for each sponsored child. If you are not ready to become a sponsor, consider a one-time donation of a Christmas gift for an unsponsored child. With these pooled funds, each child is given a new set of clothes and shoes, toys, school supplies, personal items, and candy. 

Update My Payment Method

UPDATING  your credit card is necessary for sponsors with automatic payments who now have a new card. Choose the "Updated Card Information" option in the menu, set up a new automatic payment, and add a description in the comment section for us.



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