Break My Heart for What Breaks His: Leslie's Story of Impact

"You'll hear stories of death threats, escape, lost family members, sick children, and loss of hope, as you visit the refugees from Iraq and Syria in their homes. Was it hard to hear these stories? Absolutely. But these people deserve to be heard. If you let it break your heart, I promise you God will do something amazing through you."



One Trip Inspires Dreams: Laurie's Story of Impact

As soon as Laurie entered the Rev Home on her trip, she was immediately drawn to Desline, a young girl living in the Rev Home. Desline was shy and quiet, but Laurie was still able to talk to her and ask her questions about her interests and her future. Desline immediately responded, “Haiti is not like America, it’s not like girls can choose what we want to do with their future.” 


Pre-Determined Steps: Ian's Story of Impact

When Ian went to India this year, God showed him some amazing things that he would have never expected. It was his first time traveling this far from home without his family. From the moment he left Central Pennsylvania, God made it known that Ian and his team were not in control, but He was.



Cycling for Change: Scott's Story of Impact

After Haiti’s 7.0 magnitude earthquake in 2010, God put a heavy burden on Scott and his family's hearts. The precious people there were hurting, and Scott was determined to help in some way. When Scott’s church took a trip to Haiti soon after the earthquake, Scott instantly fell in love with the children there. A few years later these same children became a part of our Haiti Rev Home.



Child Sponsorship Changes Lives: Francky's Story of Impact

Francky was only two when his mom left his family. His dad took sole responsibility in raising him and his brothers and sisters. Though his father made many sacrifices to pay for his children’s education, all the children except Francky dropped out of school at some point.