When we see every life as valuable, recognize when someone is in need and are willing to sacrifice to help others, with God we can show and share a love that will transform lives. Let's not just say we love people, but show it as well.

Let's Take Action! 


One of the best ways to get involved in bringing help and hope is to get your hands dirty and sacrificially give of your time and talents. Volunteer in our home office located in Roanoke, Virginia or in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania or volunteer at a 100% Event in your area. 

For more information or to volunteer visit: gpartners.org/volunteer

Become A Monthly Partner

We use only 5% of donations for administration costs, relying mostly on donations earmarked for the "General Fund" to cover the rest of our administration costs. This allows as much of the gifts given to get into the hands of those whom need it most. By becoming a Monthly Partner, you are partnering with us and people around the world to show and share God's love. Other ways you can give monthly gifts are through Child SponsorshipsRefugee Sponsorship, and Staff & Associate Support.

To learn more or become a Global Partner, click here.

Start A Fundraiser


Your heart beats for the orphaned child or those who are without clean water. You may feel the burden is too great to carry on your own. By starting a campaign or fundraiser with other like-minded people in your community, your impact can be multiplied as you work together to bring awareness and raise funds to help make a real difference in the lives of those you are burdened for. Think of something you enjoy doing, a hobby or a talent that you have. How could you use these things to help others in need?

For more information or to get started visit: gpartners.org/startacampaign


Visit our Donate page or Gift Catalog for ways you can invest into the lives of others. Do you already know what you would like to give? Every simple act of kindness will go a long ways in the life of someone in need around the world. Thank you for partnering with us to bring help and hope. 

To learn more or give now visit: gpartners.org/donate

Go on a Trip

You're invited to travel with us to the places we are showing and sharing God's love. You will experience another culture, help strengthen the existing ministries of National Partners, and get a glimpse of the eternal value we are investing in with God.

To learn more or apply visit: gpartners.org/trips