The Ternekal Village Well

  • Population: 2,150 (as per 2010 Census)
  • Rate of Literacy: 41%
  • This village occupies very hard ground and some part of the village is on a stone formation
  • There have a dry climate and in the summer it is very, very hot
  • There is not sufficient rainfall and annually they only receive a little more than 1” per year
  • This village has no water by any river or tank
  • This clean water well is used by more than 550 people every day
  • This village is separated into two parts. Where we have put this water well is on the side where the high caste people have sent the lower caste people. These lower caste people are called “untouchables”.  This water well has brought help and hope to these precious people. 
Town: Ternekal
District: Kurnool
State: Andhra Pradesh
Date of Dedication: Thursday, Nov 10, 2011