Since our beginnings in 2003, we have had so many wonderful people who have volunteered and served with us domestically and internationally to bring help and hope, and they are not mentioned here. It will cost you something to serve on the team, but the benefits far outweigh the cost. To those of you who have served, thank you for your sacrifice.

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Jonathan Grooms


After experiencing the type of love that God has so freely given to me, I am compelled to share that same love with others. Living in a world where so many are destitute and without hope, it is my passion to bring help and hope in practical ways so that those who are hurting can experience God's amazing love. It brings me great joy to be able to partner with others locally, nationally, and abroad who share this same passion, as together we can make an eternal difference in the lives of countless people around the world!


Matt Riggins

Communications, Water Wells & Trips Director


Many people have a desire to help others in need, they just don't know how or where to help.  I am passionate not only about telling others of the joy of living sacrificially, but also showing them by example as well.  I love to show and share love to others because I cannot comprehend why Jesus loved me.  I feel like I don't deserve His love, yet He loves me unconditionally.  Jesus paid it all, ALL to Him I owe.


Charlene Smith 

Events Coordinator & Nations Hope Store Manager


While in India God broke my heart for what breaks His. At that time I didn't understand what He was doing or how he was going to use it... But God wastes nothing. Thru that experience i am now sharing and showing He's great love at GPPD. 

Edith Grooms

Financial Administrator

Vicki Riggins 

Marketing & Promotions


I just want ALL people to know HIM. This great God who loves me unconditionally and whom I serve. I know there are so many like me, and so I desire to help spur hearts, provide knowledge, and give avenues to show and share God's love with people all around the world. 


Stephanie Elliott

Administrative Assistant


God orchestrated every moment of my life to slowly open my eyes to the many destitute, hopeless people around the world and eventually calling me to work for GPPD. There are so many who may never know of Him or the hope, peace, love and forgiveness He freely gives. As I experience an underserved love that runs so deep and so wide, how can I not share it with everyone, everywhere? 



Amber Hasson 


The reason I serve cross culturally is simply due to me trying to be obedient. God was clear on how we are to love the poor, defend the orphans , protect and honor the widows. Emerson quoted" Life is a journey , not a destination ." My grace-filled journey in life is committed doing just what I've been asked of by Him.

Tony & Heather V.

SE Asia

Our hearts are overflowing with love from the Father, and we desire to share that love with the beautiful people in this region. We want to give our lives as living sacrifices to God in whatever ways that He wants to use us. We have already learned so much and grown so much in our faith and our desire to become even more intimate in our relationship with God as we surrender to Him. 

Charles Baldis


Janet Baldis 


Tina Baldis







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