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Upcoming Events:

We will be having some "team fundraisers" this year. Please let us know if you'd like to join us. Each person who donates time or materials will receive a portion of the proceeds into their fundraising accounts. 
We need volunteers to help us at each of these events.
Team Sponsored Events:
  • Tuesday, October 15 - Chick-Fil-A Spirit Night @ East York CFA

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is there a way around the "processing fee" that donors are asked to pay online? If a donation is made online, there is no way around the processing fee. Either the donor pays it or we pay it. HOWEVER, if you (or your donor) mails a check to our office, that check will be added to your total visible online and no one pays a processing fee for a check. Checks can be mailed to PO Box 117 Blue Ridge, VA 24064 or given directly to Matt Riggins.
  2. If I volunteer or donate food for the Chili Cook-off, Superhero Night and/or Square Dance fundraiser will any of the proceeds go to my account? Yes! We will keep a list of all runners who donate and/or volunteer and total proceeds will be split up evenly for each event.
  3. How do I make sure I get a RACE DAY shirt? This year's race day shirt will be a long sleeve (sports tek style) shirt with our RW4LW logo on the front and the sponsor details on the back. If you want a FREE shirt, you must sell at least 2 fundraising shirts. Otherwise each shirt will cost runners $20. We will need the help of all team captains during this process to make sure we don't miss anyone. (email Dana @ for info on raceshirt fundraiser)
  4. Are the race day shirts in men's or women's sizes? Shirts are advertised as "UniSex". Unisex sizing is when the same cut of a style is offered in a broader size scale such as xxs-xxl and can be worn by both men and women. Women will typically buy into the smaller range such as xxs-m, whereas men will buy s-xxl.
  5. Are fundraising letters available? Yes ... click this link to access fundraising resources.
  6. What steps do I need to take to make sure I'm fully registered? Each runner should follow these 2 steps to make sure they are fully registered for the race: