For Sahar, 2020 was Marked with Hope


By Evelyn Reams  |  February 6, 2021  |  Return to Blog   


Note: This is an update on Sahar's original story from 2017 found here.

Sahar* has faced unthinkable challenges in the 6 years since 2014. She had to flee her home city and say goodbye to family members for what she thought could be forever. Three years ago, her sister Nawal* moved over two thousand miles away to begin a new life in England. Her parents moved to the United States. Meanwhile, Sahar, her husband, and their young son had to stay behind as they were not yet approved to emigrate from Jordan.

Her son had experienced trauma and medical problems that caused early learning difficulties. One of our team members was able to raise funds for a surgery he needed and monthly medications he was taking to help prevent seizures. Through a very close friend of one of our Jordan team members, he was able to receive one-on-one tutoring and saw tremendous progress! He is now in good health and able to speak, remember, and attend regular classes in school.

A few months ago, Sahar's family received wonderful news! They have been approved to move to a nation in Europe. Soon, Sahar will live hundreds, and not thousands of miles from her sister and her family. Their children will be able to see their cousins again in the very near future! We rejoice with Sahar's family and keep them in our prayers as they embark on an exciting new season of life. 

 *Names changed for protection.