The Mudinepally Village Well
  • Population: 6,085 (as per the 2010 Census)  
  • 107 square miles occupies an area of the Village
  • Rate of Literacy: 60%
  • Always dry climate and in the summer it is very, very hot
  • This is a very low caste village and they had no nearby drinking water sources
  • This clean water well will be used by more than 1400 people daily
  • The government and other agencies dug a 250 foot well in this village, but it ran dry quickly. The well that we put in was more than 450 feet deep. In this area there are many water canals, but this water is not used for drinking, only for farming. If people drink this water, which happens, they will get very sick, especially the children.
  • This village is located very near to our Mudinepally Children’s Home
Town: Mudinepally
District: Krishna
State: Andhra Pradesh
Date of Dedication: Sunday Nov 6, 2011